Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mt Magnet - Leonora.

May 28

Good roads these days and lots of stopping to photograph the wildlife. Mostly dead on the roadside but the crows are entertaining and the wedge-tailed eagles are magnificent. The lady in the library at Sandstone recommended a night staying in Herbert Hoover's house overlooking the Sons of Gwalia mine near Leonora. Herbert seems to have been a brilliant mining engineer who happened to become President of the USA. He had a nice bedroom but a little nippy in the morning. Gwalia has been a ghost town on and off over the years More about that next blog.

For the astronomers: it's full-moon but with the moon in the heart of Scorpius I could see all the main stars right sown to the pair at the sting, despite horrendous lighting at the adjacent gold-mine.

Here's a wedge-tail for the nature-lovers.

This one took off with an underslung load just after the camera clicked.

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