Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aussie railways in the Outback

Aussie railways are an interesting study. The country is criss-crossed by systems based on the, often temporary, needs of the mining industry. We overtook a train of 129 mineral wagons running from Kalgoolie to Esperance last week. We stopped further up the line and filmed the train going by. Later we overtook them again, waved and got a siren-blast from the driver. Much laughter in the car and a bit of relief from boredom for the train crew I suppose. You have to understand that the roads here are rather empty and Toyota Camrys (Camries) are common but one-a-day is about average.

This train passes Laurie's house in Ceduna taking grain or gypsum to the loading jetty in Thevenard.

It is all done on 3ft 6in gauge so maybe Brunel was not so far sighted.

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