Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eclipse preparations

Just taking advantage of this temporary hotel having a good ethernet in the room but we are sorry for the 5-day hiatus in blogging. We have had a hectic time keeping up with the changes of hotel and logistical business. The travel company had booked our entire stay in the Hilton Hotel in Papeete but it closed for commercial reasons at the end of March. So we have not been able to have continuous occupancy of the replacement. Most luggage has been left in lock-up in Tahiti and we take a limited amount for our camping two days on Hao, Tuamotu. ATR turbo-prop flight, will take a while. Weather looks good; fingers crossed. Will get some pictures on the flight to and from Hao (1,000 kms of sea mainly).

Great to be able to practice the French but the Polynesian language looks to be a real challenge. It puts the achievements of Cook et al in the 18th century in perspective. Negotiating and conferring with the local people without the benefit of a common culture or even an agent who could translate seems to my mind an impossibility but they did it - not without a few misunderstandings though.

Pictures coming soon!

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