Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Typical day circumnavigating the world

Yesterday went to Asda (or Walmart as they are known here). Bought a 30 dollar kettle to manage the teabags we nicked from the hotel as we are now in territory that drinks carfffeee.

By the way it's getting tedious but here we get detained by everybody. "Love your accent, could talk to you all day!". I try to explain that I am not related to Bob Hoskins.

Today we did Dallas and ticked the box marked 'Kennedy'. The sixth floor of the book depository is an exhibition that just stops short of being macabre. Salutary to drive down the same road and stand near the corner by the window where Oswald did the deed.

Later on had to replace broken sandals, then got three Chinese polo shirts for $19.95. Would you believe a two minute drive from one end of the car-park to the other? I'm not walking in 40degs! Lookup 'Irving Mall' on google maps and you get the idea.

Ah well! laundry done off to Houston tomorrow.

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