Sunday, September 5, 2010

NZ pictures

David sent four pics from local sources....

One last thing after the NZ earthquake.

Gerry Bond wrote:
 Are you two OK? Any damage to the house? Our ChCh motel is taking bookings so I presume they are OK.

Hi Gerry
No damage here although the house was shaking quite considerably for around 1 minute. That was the largest earthquake I've felt since being here. There was a big one off the south west coast a couple of years ago (M8?) but it felt nothing like this one. They say it was only 5km deep. It did knock a couple of things over in the garage and the lights and doors were swinging like mad. Being 250km away we certainly felt it but luckily that's all we got. Christchurch itself is in a total mess with over 500 buildings destroyed, mainly older heritage buildings and brick buildings. Lots of video on

More than 60 aftershocks so far.