Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's official - laser pointers are A-OK

I pack all my astronomy gear in a separate hard case. Cameras, tripod and clock drive and binoculars together with a mains block for UK plugs clearly marked 'astronomer' (after working in the lodge in Africa). This time it was all protected by - I will not spare you the details - dirty washing packed into the free spaces. On opening in Toronto I found this note lying on top of the stuff. Beside it was my 5mw green laser pointer which had been carefully extracted from where it was situated and left out on top.

1. It was the pointer that had triggered them to look in the bag and perhaps mixed with astronomy gear it did not give rise to concern, hence the title of this blog. Nothing else was disturbed.

2. The case was locked with a combination. When I found it the numbers were 000, I use a different set.

3. The case was not damaged and 000 still keeps the case locked. My combo still works. 

It's a funny old world!

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