Sunday, August 1, 2010

Says it all really

Here's some things that strike this foreigner as odd about drinking and eating in the US; and they are not what you might expect. All the staff show great enthusiasm and loyalty but the result reminds me of a 1950's BR caff.

1. Inebriated customer handles ice-cream cones in waiters' storage jar, takes one, and attempts to get a squirt out of the ice-cream machine long after it was switched off.

2. Barman starts washing the floor with mop while customers are still drinking. There was the mandatory slippery floor sign to go with it.

3. In a 'posh-ish' restaurant a waiter gets on hands and knees with dustpan and brush to remove crumbs and debris from under a table. This was made hilarious by the sight of his bum and the bow of his apron being the only bit to be seen.

4. Portions are usually too big, but never mind, doggy-boxes are readily available. In fact they look at you a bit funny if you do not want to take the uneaten bits home. This is not in a fast-food joint; this is a decent looking restaurant.

5. If you ask for wine they assume you only want a glass.

6. In the world's most famous beef raising area the local recipes decree that it is sliced and bashed and battered to oblivion before serving. Real steaks cost the same as London.

7. When you order more than one course you have to make it clear that you do not want it all at once!

[I apologize to all the places where we have eaten that do not do all the above]

Here are four views of a beer glass (DWI means driving while intoxicated)....

Bon appetit!

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